Veronica Pretelt is an Accredited Psychotherapist with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy, and has over fifteen years experience working therapeutically with adults, children and their families. Having trained and worked in different countries, Veronica is fluent in Spanish and English and is particularly receptive to the complexities of the multicultural society we live in.

Veronica has significant experience working with adults who are struggling with the aftermath of trauma, depression, anxiety, divorce, domestic violence, bereavement, addiction and relationship issues. Indeed one of her main passions is the work she does with parents. She is committed to early intervention and believes that in working with parents and their relationship with their children we will create more empathic, resilient, caring and productive individuals in our society. For the past three years, Veronica has also been offering EMDR psychotherapy to clients who have experienced trauma.

Veronica’s ability to empathise with her clients is transmitted through her compassionate and non-judgmental attitude. Her work is client-centred and strength-based, maintaining focus not only on the difficulties her clients experience but also on their existing resources and preferred outlook on life. She is caring and respectful in her approach to therapy, understanding that people have a variety of skills, values and beliefs that assist them in changing the relationship with the problems they face.

What her clients say:

‘In Veronica I found someone I could trust and share some of my deepest worries and concerns; I do not feel alone anymore.’

‘After the work I did with Veronica, I value myself more. I feel stronger and I am aware of the things I can do that will help me manage the difficulties I have.’

‘Veronica has helped me and my children get back on track. We are feeling connected to one another and there is more laughter in our home.’

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